Sky Valley Limited – All About Domains – AKA Domains 101

What is a domain?

A domain is the name that generally follows the www when you are browsing the Internet. Each domain name is followed by an extension, such as .com, .org, .net, .gov, .info, .biz, etc. The domain name of the URL is "skyvalleyltd" with a .com (dot com) extension. When a domain name is registered, the person or company who registers that name has the exclusive right to use it. In order to use a domain name, it must be registered with a registry. The domain name is registered for a specified period of time - from one year, up to a maximum of ten years, and is renewable on an ongoing basis. When you purchase a domain name, it only belongs to you for the specified time you stated. As long as you continue to renew it in a timely fashion, it will belong to you. It is important to keep track of the renewal period because if the domain name is not renewed, it can be registered by anyone for their own use. Domain names can contain a combination of letters, numbers and the hyphen (-) symbol.

What is an IP Address?

Every domain name and every computer that is hooked into the Internet has what is called an "IP address" (which stands for Internet Protocol Address). An IP address is a series of numbers and dots that are unique to each website and computer. To make a simple analogy, it is like a phone number. For example, Bob Smith (domain name) can be reached at 928-234-5678 (IP Address). When you enter "" into the address bar of your browser, the computer does a search of the domain name system (DNS), the domain name is then translated into the IP address and the computer connects with the Web site.

Domains cost $25 per year to register, and this includes automatic renewals - we will renew your domain for you so you don't have to remember, or risk losing your domain name.

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